[eShop Series] Five questions to ask yourself – Pt.3 Benefits

This is the third instalment of my eShop series.  If you’re in e-commerce you’ll benefit from these tips.  Subscribe to ensure you don’t miss the final two parts.

So let’s get started.

Day 3 – ask yourself ‘do I list my product’s features AND benefits?’

Today we’re going to spruce up your product descriptions by adding in ‘benefits’.

You’ll show your audience how your product’s features will positively impact their lives and hopefully, they’ll buy from you!

But didn’t we do this in the last article?

Nope, we looked at problem solving.  We thought of scenarios in which your audience would need to buy your product.

Now we’re looking at your product’s specifications (features) and detailing why they’re important, how they’ll make life easier and why they’re great value for money.

People will see exactly what spending money on your product gets them.

Getting started:  Finding features.

This is probably going to be the easiest part.  Write a huge least of things about your product.

Think about the following to get you started:

  • Your product’s design specifications,
  • Accessories your product comes with,
  • What your product can be used for,
  • Its functionality,
  • How it is priced.

Take a look at the benefits of these, and write them next to the features.  Think about what makes each feature you’ve just written down good, why would anybody care about it?  Who would it help them most?

If you’re struggling, look at the example below.

A practical example of features and benefits online:

Let’s go back to my pet store analogy.  During my research, I found the following website that sells cool stuff for dogs, including these dog life jackets:  http://www.kooldawgtees.com/fido_float_extreme_dog_life_vest.html

Look how the shop owner has detailed the product’s features. A bog-standard dog buoyancy collar suddenly becomes a useful, potentially life-saving aide:

U-shaped buoyancy collar keeps your dog’s head above water

Here are a couple more:

Bright vest colors for added visibility

Mesh underside for additional comfort & support

Instead of listing the vest’s ‘bright colours and mesh underside’ we now feel safer about the added visibility and we know our pet will be comfortable and supported.

Try it yourself:

Find a product you sell and take a look the product’s features/specifications.  Write down on a sheet of paper how each feature/specification will benefit the person buying it.  Now edit your site’s copy and work these in!


  • Talk about your products’ benefits,
  • Drill home what it is these features will do for your buyers,
  • Add them into your web copy.

Some great resources:

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