Just wanted to say…

Happy holidays from Super Carly
Super Carly xx

It's launch day!

Mark this day down in history people – it’s been a long time coming!  I’ve finally got round to launching this blog, SuperCarly.co.uk.

What inspired the design?

My bedroom inspired the design! My curtains are the creamy yellow colour and I have a lovely pink blanket similar to the Super Carly text above.

What are going to post on here?

Well, I’ve been drafting posts locally for a couple of months now and I’ve got a lot to finish off, a couple to polish up and some ideas scribbled down to write up.

I’ll be posting some great guides for bloggers to increase their visibility in search engines, some advice for eShop owners to help them convert more sales and a couple of posts to help people think about the usability of their sites.  I’ll also be punctuating the more serious posts with photo entries, book reviews and amusing tidbits.

Bug reporting:

Please let me know if you spot any issues.  I’ve tested as thoroughly as I can, using only a Mac without Parallels installed!

Text too feint?  Something broken in IE7?  Did I forget something? Just let me know by leaving a comment below.  Thanks!

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Carly xx