I help small businesses with their websites.

Here’s what I can help you with:

  • Copywriting
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging/SEO article writing
  • Content uploading
  • Adding inventory to your online shop
  • Rewriting product descriptions
  • WordPress (setup, maintenance, odd jobs etc)
  • HTML/CSS odd jobs
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Small graphic design tasks, like bulk resizing images or putting together a leaflet or PDF
  • Building websites
  • Website virtual assistant

I’m happy to help you as part of an ongoing arrangement or as a one-off.


My proudest achievement is publishing a guest blog on Virgin.com, which they featured on their homepage!


I’ve also written for the Metro, Groupon.co.uk, National.co.uk and several household names (under NDA so I cannot share, sadly!)

My experience & education:

I’ve been freelancing for over ten years now. But before that, I worked in-house. My job specification included everything I’ve listed above: website building, website maintenance, SEO, copywriting, blogging, a bit of usability, etc.

We’d have targets to meet and were given free rein to execute our ideas, as long as it bought in orders. Generally, I used to tweak pages in the company’s portfolio of websites, watch them jump in the rankings and convert more sales… It was lots of fun.  

Although being offered a managerial role, I had already decided to quit and start a Masters degree. In 2011, I graduated with an MA in Communications and Media from Sheffield Hallam University.  I finished with a Distinction.  

I wrote my dissertation on the topic of virtual communities, focusing on Twitter specifically.  

About me:

  • I’ve been building websites and blogging (on and off) for the last 20 years. Wow, writing that has made me feel old.
  • I’m 35.
  • I’m a mum to the sweetest little girl.
  • I have two dogs called Archie and Bertie.  
  • I like to craft. My husband jokes that I spend more time collecting craft supplies than actually doing the crafts. Oops. Cross-stitch is my current hobby. But if I had time, I’d bust out my sewing machine and learn how to sew clothing for my little girl.
  • Before getting married, my name was ‘Carly Wood.’ I took my husband’s surname, so now I’m Carly ‘Whitewood.’ Lots of people ask if we spliced our names together to create a new one, but we did not! It’s just a coincidence.
  • I live in York, UK.
  • I wasn’t born here, I’m from Derby. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of York, travelled around a bit and then returned.
  • I love York, it’s my favourite city. I had always planned to come back here to live and by chance, my husband got a job here. Yay.
  • What’s the phrase, the shoemaker’s children go barefoot? That’s applicable to this website. It’s neglected and on my to-do list to sort.

My blogs & affiliate marketing:

I run a couple of well-trafficked style/fashion blogs that have had a mention in many notable publications including the Telegraph, the Independent, Fashionista.com, The Daily Mail, The Metro and more.

These sites produce a good revenue from advertising and affiliate marketing. This is reinvested back into the sites (photography, server, plugins etc) and reimburses me for the time I spend curating the content, adding new features and ‘socialising’ with my 100,000 fans on Facebook!