Hello, my name is Carly.

Please note: I am on maternity leave.

I help small businesses with their websites.

I offer a number of different services:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Copywriting
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Content uploading
  • WordPress (setup, maintenance, odd jobs etc)
  • HTML/CSS odd jobs

My writing:

My proudest achievement to date is having a guest blog post published on Virgin.com, and it being featured on the homepage of their website:


Featured on the homepage of Virgin.com

I’ve also written for the Metro, Groupon.co.uk, National.co.uk and several household names (under NDA so I cannot share, sadly!)

My blogs & affiliate marketing:

I run several well-trafficked style/fashion blogs that have had a mention in many notable publications including the Telegraph, the Independent, Fashionista.com, The Daily Mail, The Metro and more.

These sites produce a healthy revenue from advertising and affiliate marketing. Largely, this is reinvested back into the sites, but it also reimburses me for the time I spend curating the content, adding new features and ‘socialising’ with my 77,000 fans on Facebook!  I do this in my spare time, I literally never get away from the internet!

My experience & education:

In my previous job (which I quit in 2010 to pursue my MA), I did SEO, copy writing, online marketing, a bit of usability and a lot of tea drinking. Generally, I used to tweak pages in the company’s portfolio of websites, watch them jump in the rankings and convert more sales…. It was lots of fun.  I did it for around 3 years and I must have been doing something right as they wanted to promote me to departmental manager, but I already had my heart set on returning to the student life!

In 2011, I completed my MA in Communications and Media at Sheffield Hallam University.  I finished with a Distinction.  I wrote my dissertation on the topic of virtual communities, focusing on Twitter specifically.  I focussed on one particular community,  looked at how it operates and discussed the appeal this community holds for its members.

My skills:

This is a basic list of things I can do, off the top of my head…

  • Fairly proficient with WordPress and StudioPress Genesis – I can design, tweak, edit and optimise themes
  • Fairly useful in Photoshop (as much as you need to be without being a full blown designer)
  • Very social, I love Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest & do this for businesses
  • Lateral thinker, good at finding workarounds for problems/issues
  • And, it also helps me think up good PR angles for stories/blog posts
  • I also love writing web copy, blog posts and press releases
  • Proven record in making webpages convert more after tweaking
  • Good eye for usability

About me:

  • I’m 34
  • I have a Miniature Schnauzer called Archie.  He’s a 9-year-old fluffy, scruffy, smelly dog that snores loudly but gives good cuddles.
  • I have a Terrier-mix called Bertie.  He’s a 6-year old licky, bouncy, fun-loving dog that is like my little shadow, he won’t leave my side!
  • I’m a total Facebook , Pinterest Twitter addict.
  • I LOVE CUPS OF TEA…. especially with those malted milk cow biscuits…nom nom nom….
  • I’m not ashamed to admit I love the colour pink.  If it’s available in pink, I’ll buy it in PINK…
  • Tweaking & building websites: it’s not a job for me, it’s something I love doing!
  • Stationary:  I go cuckoo over pens, notebooks, Filofaxes etc *drool*.
  • I’m based in York, UK