Introducing the Site Report Tool – Review

Yesterday, the lovely people at launched a great new tool that could help you improve your website, gain search engine rankings and attract new traffic.

Introducing the…… drumroll please……..: Site Report!About Us site report

This brand new tool allows you to look at the most important SEO factors of a website and see a report of what’s going right and what’s going wrong.  You can look at your own website, a competitor’s site, or simply a site you admire.

To have a go with the Site Report tool simply type a website address into the tool and wait as the technology evaluates up to 50 pages from your chosen site.  After a couple of minutes, you’ll get a detailed report showing you where your sites lacks in terms of SEO… from missing H1 tags to dodgy meta descriptions.

The Site Report tool is great because…

It’s ideal for small businesses that are new to SEO and want to improve their website/s.  At $9.95 per month, it’s certainly cheaper then hiring an SEO consultant if you just want to start off by making a couple of basic, low-level changes.

The Site Report tool allows you to see what needs changing at a glance, I think this is particularly great for analysing the length of title tags and meta attributes.  Immediately see if any are too long or short without having to spend too much time devising clever ways to count characters en masse!


I think only being able to scan 50 pages is a bit of a problem for larger sites.  With that said, you can delete pages once they’re fixed and then scan new pages.


  1. Virginiaplain15 says

    just made your chocolate guiness cake, suggest you reduce the amount of bi carb, far too much to flour ratio – cake sunk in the middle

  2. Hi thanks, I never said the recipe mine it’s actually by a famous chef … I think I cooked the Gizzi Erksine one, or Nigella – one of those.

    Ooooh…. Mine never sunk 🙁  Sorry to hear yours did 🙁 🙁

    Mine was really soggy though, not sure why!